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Selecting a Writing Assignment

  1. Ensure that you have the proper privileges in Asana
    1. You should be able to see Writing Assignments, General Projects, Team Overview, and Team Calendar
  2. Click on Writing Assignments Projects
  3. Review Project Ideas
  4. Do you like any of the Projects Ideas?
    1. Yes
      1. Move Project to Accepted Project
      2. Assign to Yourself
      3. Choose an Acceptable Date for Draft Completion
      4. Comment in the Project your general plan and any questions you have
    2. No
      1. Contact the Chief Editor and notify them of your idea
      2. Create Project under Accepted Project and Follow Steps 4.1.
  1. Research Topic
  2. Write Rough Draft
  3. Go to Word Press Site
  4. Click ‘Add’ Next to Blog Posts
  5. Paste your Submission and Submit
    1. Contributors can only submit articles for edit
  6. Editor Will Review and Edit
  7. Find Acceptable Pictures that Match the Article
  8. Upload these pictures into Asana within your project tab
  9. Find Items from Amazon related to article
  10. Submit Amazon links into Asana within your project tab
    1. Read more about Affiliate Links
  11. Editor will add pictures and Affiliate Links to Article
  12. Article will be submitted to website
  13. Share Article to social sites
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