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Objective and Editorial Guidelines

Welcome. Thank you for showing interest in contributing to this site. Below, you will find a brief summary of the objective, future goals, and guidelines that we would like instill at Mercenary Post (MP). If you have questions that, please email

Website Main Objective

  • To become a popular source for Fantasy and Science Fiction trending topics.

Goals to Reach Objective

  • Recruit Talented Contributors
  • Operate under Shared Agreement and Interest
  • Create Categorical Focus
  • Submit Content within Timeline
  • Share and Optimize Content for SEO
  • Offer Regular Fresh Content

Website Future Objective

  • Become top source for Fantasy and Science Fiction headlines and successfully monetize site.

Goal Summary

Recruit Talented Contributors

This is the initial phase of the website. Finding talented writers is the key to getting the website off the ground. Monetization may not be available before the main objective is completed, but work done now will be remembered when the site is successful. A monetization agreement will be determined and agreed upon by the inital members. Contributors will go through an interview process before giving access to the site.

Operate under Shared Agreement and Interest

Contributors should have an interest in fantasy and science fiction topics. Everyone should share a common goal in creating a successful editorial. Plans, deadline schedules, and brainstorming sessions will be conducted through a project management site. Communication and expectations should be clear and open.

Create Categorical Focus

Contributions to the site should fall under 4 primary categories: Movies, Books, Games, & Events. Contributors may offer their own suggestions on what to write, or may be asked to write about certain things. If a contributor does not feel comfortable about a certain topic, there will be others to choose from.

Submit Content within Timeline

Initially, this site will operate on volunteered time. To that effect, I cannot place strict requirements on how many submission contributors should write. As long as contributors are active on the project management site, and asking to write submissions, we will be fine for now. A schedule will be available that shows all expected deadliness. I ask that when a contributor agrees to work on an article, they fulfill their promise to complete it by the requested day. I ask that contibutors do not sumbit articles posted on Mercenary Post to other sites.

Share and Optimize Content for SEO

The site may not have many readers in the beginning, so it will be crucial for us to find those readers. Together we need to think of creative ways to get our name out there. We also need to optimize content to be successful on search engines. Please take the time to learn about SEO and keywords to focus on.

Offer Regular Fresh Content

The website will only be successful with new content. To do this, contributors need to be active and submit an articles.





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