One of the most important facts about life is that every action has a conclusion. This conclusion can be considered a consequence or a reaction. We cannot just leave our family and jobs in search of conquest and adventure, without suffering the consequences. There is great longing for practical magic on this Earth. That longing is satisfied with games such as Portal, BioShock Eve Online and others.

Science Fiction brings new content to our reality. It is our actions and decisions within the design. Separating our mundane life from our exciting chosen life. Each Fantasy game being another reality in which we can live within for a bit.

 Dishonored Cosplay Dagger

How much fun would it be to teleport from place to place? How would we ever know that without appropriate object design for that very purpose? We may not be at that point just yet in our human evolution. That matters very little in regards of personal experience. With games such as “Portal” and “Middle-Earth Shadow of War” having player relocation mechanics that effortlessly fits within the story of the game. Allowing us to experience such concepts from an intellectual standpoint.

I absolutely love portal. It was the first game I experienced the concept of portals on some mental level. Being able to solve puzzles that you would never be able to do in a mundane fashion. It was thrilling. An entirely new experience that I could regularly immerse myself.  To forget the day-to-day reality of mundane living is nothing short of a treat for the mind.

If you like a bit of action and rampage murdering with your teleportation. Then you might significantly enjoy “Middle Earth Shadows of Mordor”. It never gets old diving head first into a cluster of Orcs that greatly outnumber you. Slicing away at their hit points mutilating their bodies, only to be swarmed by nearby troops. Knowing I can teleport to target with little to no orcs in the area. Therefore, I can assist the battle and articulate a plan to slather their captains. It keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by all the oncoming forces. There are days where I feel like a god. So much so that I will refuse to teleport, simply because it would be too easy. I want that General to feel the embarrassment of having more troops than necessary and still falling before my superiority. Without the use of repositioning myself on a perch to take cheap head shots from a distance.

“Dishonored” has a great teleportation mechanic. You can choose to teleport safely throughout the missions without much killing. In order to be seen as a good person. Realistically no one is really doing that. That is the beauty of fantasy games; you can indulge your sensations of mass genocide without feeling like a horrible evil villain, unless you want to! Who would dare sacrifice the immense pleasure you get when chaining teleportation head decapitating moves? Knowing that they are simply trash beneath your highly skilled feet. Being too feeble and scared to meet your blade. As you flash across the map in great speed, taking vantage points that would be unattainable in real life. Once I unlock teleportation, my game strategy changes. No more sneaking around and being all stealth like. I embody the persona Death Dealer and whatever definition I choose to use. Each successful murder by teleportation gives me that great sensation I can never obtain in actuality.

One main important aspect of a fantasy game is the way you feel when you play. You live through the experience. Which becomes the reason to continue immersing yourself within your new fantasy that does not require your imagination. To feel as if this could actually happen, makes playing all that much more meaningful in our own individual way. Once you are done with the mission, it does not matter how brutal and lethal you were. You never need to consider how your actions influences others. You can comfortably go to sleep at night and feel like a good Law Abiding Citizen, because it is simply a game. One that has no real consequences for your actual life.

This is the first article of the series. So prepare yourself for more future indulging.