Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels

They come when out of sight. They step in a blink of an eye. The lonely assassins of the night are here. The Weeping Angels are as old as time. It is a mystery as to how they came to exist. They are known to be the most deadly assassins. So sinister that in time, one might find beauty within their design.

bfp9thccd01_the_ninth_doctor_chronicles_cd_dps1_cover_largeNo one knows what or who they are. Any sentient life form has never seen them. Hidden within the Embrace of the dark, they become quantum locked upon sight. All that anyone can say about their appearance is what they appear to look like.  Generally, their appearance is that of a statue. They do not all look like angels.  So far all that is known is, they always appear human-like. They can be Grey or sometimes off colored gray. Looking so innocent like Angels in a cemetery. It is quite easy to feel comfortable within their presence. Until, they notice you and their appearance changes. Their teeth becoming pointed and their fingers change into deadly claws. With a cold sinister look of pure feral rage within their piercing gray eyes.

They can be quite deceitful with their looks of Innocence, and there peaceful yet almost human-like face. They always know when they are being looked at. They cannot move when they are being watched. You cannot stop watching them if you want to live in the current time. There is absolutely no chance of escaping without them knowing. There is almost no escaping their deadly touch. They may not be able to move while in Quantum lock but they can still hear and see. It is one of their most protective survival methods.   While they are locked within time they cannot be altered in any way. As long as you can see your assassin. It cannot be killed.

For them, it is like a long game of tag. One that mortals can never win. For humans it is no different from having your entire life undone in an instant. With one touch, they can feed off the potential time the person could have lived for. Sending them back in time to live another life and die. It is quite like being forced to choose how you will die, as long as you do die. With these assassins, pain is not the goal. It seems like all they want is time energy. They can steal time from anyone. Do they only feed as they hunger? Or could they be trying to achieve a higher state of existence by obtaining an ignoramus amount of time energy?

Never being able to express yourself to another, can be quite devastating if you know how it feels to be surrounded by loved ones who do understand you. There has never been a known time that a weeping angel has ever had communication with another sentient entity. What drives them to continue feeding off time? When the result is living only to see life happening around you? There is no one to see them as they are.

We can see them while running for our life.  While they remain in our vision, compelling us to stare at them with all our attention. To watch them, and engrave their image within our mind. But how far can we possibly get before the inevitable happens? They move faster than us and do not rest. How far can we get, how long can we go before we have to look away and focus on what lies ahead. It is sad that an image of a weeping angel becomes a weeping angel. The longer we focus our attention on something, the more tangible it becomes in our Mind’s Eye.

We look at their faces so they stay in their places. We acknowledge their existence so ours can continue. They never break or shatter our bones. They do not take us prisoner nor hold us captive. All they have ever done is reach out.

Being a friend with a mortal is like having a friend for a season. Being friends with their own kind is like being a friend with a statue. One that will never die.  They can never share a moment together without it lasting forever. Except for the fact that they can turn out the lights, or wait for the night.  If you are ever alone at night, and there is a statue near. Do make sure to remember where it is and it is posed.

If you look back and your eyes review the same boring statue was before, smile and be happy. They are always in packs. They will never come at you from one direction. They will force you to share your attention if the others approach out of sight.

There is not much known about the Weeping Angels. One thing is certain; with in their simplicity they are monstrously complex. Finding an answer to one inquiry often reveals another unknown. Why do they exist, and why do they want you to exist? Do they have some form of communication between them? Can the Weeping Angels be time Lords who sought out in mortality?