Well if you ask me, no, they should not have fangs.

But oh well, such is luck you know? One day you go to steal some of the forgotten loot in a dungeon. Sure it might not be a golden knife or a rune shield, but you can sell forgotten loot for some easy gold.

I should have thought that they wouldn’t just forget a chest in a dungeon that they just finished ransacking.

You see, a good thief should always be on alert. You don’t know when a trap is over there waiting for you to fall. Yet today I was sloppy.

“And that’s the reason this thing is hanging from my arm”

A thief wearing a hood to hide his features spoke clearly showing restraint in front of the clerk of the pawn shop.

“What do you say? Eighty pieces for the best defense system out there?”

The clerk was in thought, a chest with fangs would be good to avoid people from stealing, if it had caught the thief, surely it would keep others away.

“Sure, just a sec”

As the clerk counted the gold for the chest, the thief was fighting the thing on his arm forcing it to stop biting him. Once both parts were ready the thief got the gold and the man took the chest. Yet he had forgotten the most important part.

“Hey! How am I supposed to open without getting bitten?!”

The thief was nowhere to be seen. Maybe buying a Mimic wasn’t such a nice idea.