Weaving tales is a delicate art. Many aspire to find success as an author, but few succeed. It is hard to browse the internet and not stumble upon someone who wants to be an author. That is not a bad thing. It is a great time to be alive. We have so much access to knowledge, stories, and entertainment. There are pillars that rise from the masses. Great authors who found success. What about those great tales that have not been discovered? Every storyteller should get his chance to be heard.

This is the beginning of a new Mercenary Post continuous series: “New Author Spotlight”. Delving into the mindset of these new authors casts a light that may not have been there before. We want to help aspiring authors find readers they did not have. We are creating a connection with these authors, and together improving our voice.

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For this particular piece, we spoke to Neil Breault, author of “The Archon’s Apprentice” and “Gardens of Onsoria”. He is an awesome person, and we appreciate the time he took to answer our questions. Like many of us that love to write, he has held an inner monologue of stories for some time. He amassed a large accumulation of notes from fictional worlds. These stories were his, but he wanted to share them. He needed others to hear his tales. To enjoy them as much as he did.

He acted and made a plan. His first book was not one of his main tales. It was an offshoot. A chance to get experience, honing his craft until he was more prepared to express his longer tales. It taught him valuable lessons and slingshot him into his next book.

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Breault says “Gardens of Onsoria” is a”story told through three Point of Views. The Empire is finally at war with the neighboring Commonwealth. Through the point of view of the Marshal and the point of view of his commonwealth foil, I explore the war. The larger story is told through the Imperial Beastkeeper. She has the ability to speak with animals, as well as to be able to see through them. Through her storyline I explore a deeper conflict.”

The tale is a great and interesting adventure that Breault wants readers to enjoy. He does not feel that there is any secret messages. No learning of great life lessons. He wants the story to be fun and meaningful without a preachy message. The story is reminiscent to Beastmaster (1982). An old movie sharing an intriguing connection to animals. Inspiration for the tale even came from a Boris Vallejo calendar.

He feels that his writing style takes inspiration from Gene Wolfe. A renowned fantasy author who penned “The Shadow of the Torturer”. Breault also appreciates the works of Brandon Sanderson and Michael J. Sullivan. Two goliaths in the fantasy industry.


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Writing a book is not easy. Many of us that have tried can attest to that. The business side afterwards is even more difficult. He had one editor for his first book. This person helped with copy and content editing. For his second novel, he felt that employing two editors would be more appreciated by his fans. He has also recruited proofreaders to find errors. Having this help is the most important aspect of making sure the novel is polished. An unpolished novel does not sit well with readers.


Breault created his own publishing brand, Novel Dragon Press. He heard that authors releasing book under their own name is not successful in bookstores. He is happy with his publishing company, logo, and the control he has with the books. He eventually will reach out to larger publishers, but he hopes to hone his craft further before that time comes.