Funko Rock Candy: Teen Titans Go-Raven Collectible Vinyl Figure

The Azarathian known as Raven specializes in soul magic. She is able to track down people after experiencing their mentality and emotions. This builds an energy identity of that person. She knows the intentions of her opponents before they can even act. This leaves few surprises in combat. Raven has many more options than most would have in battle. The constant meditation she preforms every day keeps her mind at peace. Increasing her effectiveness with her magic.

One of the most devastating abilities Raven has is reforming her soul into various forms. She can create many weapons and barriers to use in close and long ranged combat.  Even shielding her self and others at a seconds notice from explosions. That’s one tough soul! Shes not limited to only magic assaults. Fusing her soul with objects allows for her own personal artillery.
Raven Bishoujo Statue

Let’s talk about that sweet utility. Raven can levitate! Opening portals or even wrapping people up on her soul and teleporting in with her team, hinder plans of her foes.
Lets not forget about her insane knowledge of runes, charms, dark and light magic. A clear mind with balanced emotions is how she manages not to cause great destruction. For when her emotions are wild she becomes the nightmare of her enemies. She is so overpowered the only aspect that makes her balanced at times is the constant distractions she faces, when stopping the forces of  nasty crime.
She is looking out for her team, staying on guard. It’s a shame that she must remain neutral most of the time to keep her powers from spiking chaotically. She also serves as the glue the team needs to stick together. Being able to feel her teams emotions and hear their thoughts, she has resolved many team disputes. The compassion she has for each member of the Titans is quite touching. If only she could express it without wreaking havoc, we could see some of her brilliance at first glance.
Do to her emotions being the operator of her powers. She tends to enjoy the world within her mind, during her personal time. One of few places she can truly express her self without loosing her self to her demon heritage. Spending so much time in meditation her mind has become a weapon of confidence. Wielding her magic with focus and direction. Advising her team while working with them, is one reason why she sands boldly from the rest.
Like all ancient magic you don’t know what it truly is from the outside. Once you get to know it from within, then you can began to see it’s true beauty.

This is why Raven is one of the most Powerful Women of Fantasy!